January 2013 Updates

Spidey vs Lizard

Have you seen the movie? Great fight choreography!

November Sketches

Still busy…

September 28th, faces

a Man Explaining Something


Kwaliteit 2

Masih ingat Kwaliteit2? Film besutan Dennis Adhiswara itu termasuk film yang bikin saya ngakak. Ada dua gambar yang saya buat untuk mengenang film itu.

Inkscape of the Ape

Menggambar vektor kera dengan inkscape. Software gratis tapi mumpuni, legal pula.

Firefox Mascot

Speaking about firefoxes, I’ve made an illustration of Mozilla Firefox a few months ago. It was planned to fit in an infographic, but I’m affraid unable finish it :(. So,… Read more »

Thunder Bird

Mozilla Thunderbird Illustration

My works, mostly are development arts. That makes me doing a lot of sketches, character designs, and layouts. That’s good, since I never completed my work these days……only a sketches…. Read more »

Meaningless Sketches, May 2011

Took only 2 minutes for each sketch

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