Warming Up #6: Tintin & Snowy

  I’ve been reading Tintin since I was a kid, Tintin the Movie will be in the end of this year.  

Comic Project 2011

Already done some samples for comic publisher. Wish me luck :). I hope to bring more pics in this blog, soon.

Firefox Mascot

Speaking about firefoxes, I’ve made an illustration of Mozilla Firefox a few months ago. It was planned to fit in an infographic, but I’m affraid unable finish it :(. So,… Read more »

Firefoxes 4, 5, 6

Firefox breed fast enough. There’s already version 4, 5, and 6 by now.

classic spider-man thumb

Warming Up Doodle #5: Spider-Man


captai america thumb

Warming Up Doodle #4: Captain America

started up my computer at 8 am, make a cup of cofee. and warm up a pair of stiff hands to celebrate Captain America’s movie which released 22nd of July,… Read more »

Warming Up Doodle #3: Usagi Yojimbo (video)

one of many comics I know that had a great story. Oh, yeah. Maybe I won’t submit blog entries for a while, due to my heavy duty :p.

Kancil on Development

Featuring Kancil the mouse deer as the main character.  

Warming up doodle #2: face from lateral-frontal

Warming up doodle. Please ignore, if assymetrical drawing annoys you 😐 *enough playing, now back to work

Warming-up doodle #1: Magneto in 5 minutes

Another warming up ^^