Warming Up Doodle #3: Usagi Yojimbo (video)

one of many comics I know that had a great story. Oh, yeah. Maybe I won’t submit blog entries for a while, due to my heavy duty :p.

Kancil on Development

Featuring Kancil the mouse deer as the main character.  

Warming up doodle #2: face from lateral-frontal

Warming up doodle. Please ignore, if assymetrical drawing annoys you 😐 *enough playing, now back to work

Warming-up doodle #1: Magneto in 5 minutes

Another warming up ^^

Thunder Bird

Mozilla Thunderbird Illustration

My works, mostly are development arts. That makes me doing a lot of sketches, character designs, and layouts. That’s good, since I never completed my work these days……only a sketches…. Read more »

July 2011, Sketches From Work

I was at my office, doing some layout of illustration that looked like Where’s Wally …It was very very frustrating, and I prefer ……… drawing X-MEN! YEAH!!!

Meaningless Sketches, May 2011

Took only 2 minutes for each sketch

wakidi thumb

Bullet Time Wakidi

Dulu membuat adegan ini karena ada tawaran project video klip animasi. Ternyata projectnya batal karena gempa di jogja bberapa tahun silam :(. Tekniknya murni hand drawn, digambar frame by frame,… Read more »

the boredom zorro

damn, …forgot to draw his moustache.

Animation project progress for June 2011

these are some sketches for animatics. Still working for color schemes.