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Sketches of deadpool using ink and red-black markers


I drew this before I watch the movie. It’s really cool, funny and gory. Sorry kids, can’t let you watch it. Media: LYRA Aqua Brush Duo Sakura Koi Coloring Brush… Read more »

Xavier: Focus Lies Between Rage and Serenity

Inktober 2015 day 8

I decided to draw Wolverine eating  sausages after I asked a friend, which one his favorite superhero.

Bima Satria Garuda & Iron Man

Iseng nggambar Bima dan Iron Man bermodalkan ball point.

captai america thumb

Warming Up Doodle #4: Captain America

started up my computer at 8 am, make a cup of cofee. and warm up a pair of stiff hands to celebrate Captain America’s movie which released 22nd of July,… Read more »