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Warming Up Doodle #3: Usagi Yojimbo (video)

one of many comics I know that had a great story. Oh, yeah. Maybe I won’t submit blog entries for a while, due to my heavy duty :p.

Warming up doodle #2: face from lateral-frontal

Warming up doodle. Please ignore, if assymetrical drawing annoys you 😐 *enough playing, now back to work

Thunder Bird

Mozilla Thunderbird Illustration

My works, mostly are development arts. That makes me doing a lot of sketches, character designs, and layouts. That’s good, since I never completed my work these days……only a sketches…. Read more »

Drawing Face Using Adobe Flash CS3

Berikut cara saya menggambar dengan Adobe Flash CS3. Real time, nggak ada adegan yang dipotong. Kalau video-nya tidak muncul coba download plugin flash terbaru, ya 😉